Please welcome our new CCO

Good story for us, that we have a good development team. Here, we have another good news. Several days after our website was soft launched, Persistence Studio was attracted to us. We had a nice chat yesterday, and been going somewhat serious but fun. Yes, we have some agreements. Tri Kurniawan, founder of Persistence Studio intended to join us as our interface designer. Of course we are really appreciated with it. He has so many great portfolios that also amazed us, and maybe all of his clients around the world. He also founded UI Cake, a blog which is used as a place to share user interface design knowledge. Both of us understand that we need each other to grow more. We need a great interface designer as our partner, and he need us as development team of his interface. Then, we had some deals, and now we are proud to announce that…

Tri Kurniawan has joined us as CCO (Chief Creative Officer)

We still have more great news about our team. We will update it soon at this blog. Stay in tune… :)