Because technology does matter

As a creative company, we do not forget about the importance of technology. We have developed some great websites using latest and popular technology. All of those things has been handled by our CEO, Muhammad Fauzil Haqqi, because of his expertise in information technology. But as for a big-wannabe company, we need more clear job description at our core components. Yes, we need to move further. We have Tri Kurniawan as our CCO, whose designs are really great. We have Akhlufnie Himma Ramadhan as our COO, but also concerns in slicing PSD to HTML/CSS. We have Muhammad Fauzil Haqqi that runs the soul and gives the spirit to the company. Now, we have our new CTO. He is Achmad Mustofa, that attracts us to ask him to join us. We read his blog, and we know that this guy has his soul captured by technology. Yes, he loves technology and has passion in it. That is what we need. Passion! So we had some chat and we came into an agreement, and we both understand what each other needs. We believe that we can be a good solid team that complete each other. From today, we really proud to announce that…

Achmad Mustofa has joined us as CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

If you really want to join our team, please be free to contact us. We can arrange a meetup and share what we need from each other. Have a great teamwork is our principal.