Finally! Today, at December 13rd 2011 13:12:11 (it means 13-12-11 13:12:11 in Indonesia date format), we proudly announce that our website is ready to be accessed by public. After several weeks in development phase, hardly but happily working together at our small office, we have done our best. It is not easy, yet not too hard, but our commitment was tested during the development. Why? Currently we have a lot of projects to do, with compact time constrains for each project. We were working in parallel, to exceed all of the targets. Of course, we always do our best for everyone. We will never betray our clients’ trust that is given to us. In other side, this is our home, where we work everyday. How can we prove that we will give our best if our home is not the best home for us? How can you believe us to build your home without show you how great our home is? That is the reason. Why we announced it as “Soft Launching” rather than Grand Launching? Because we know that this website is not perfect yet, and will never be perfect. Software and website technology will always evolve and bring new things. We know it, and so we have plan to redesign our website for every 2 years. Looking for what our services are? Please visit Our Service Page. Looking for what we have done? Please visit Our Works Page. Looking for who we are? Please visit About Us Page. Need to communicate with us? Please visit Contact Us Page. Want to follow our updates? Please read our Blog. We also have Twitter and Facebook Page. Follow and Like it if you interest with us.

As this post is published, we proudly announce our soft launch at:

13-12-11 13:12:11