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We are from and living in Malang. Since 2006, here we have annual event that bring back history of Malang as a festival. The event that is called Festival Malang Kembali always held in an artery road called Jalan Ijen, where most of the story of Malang come. Each year we have different theme, so that we will never get bored to attend the event. This year, 2012, the theme is World Heritage Site, and will be held on May 24th until 27th. As a creative company, we also serve requests for web development. Fortunately, Mimi Creative was trusted to create the official website of Festival Malang Kembali 2012. Starting from yesterday until the launching day, we have been busy with the development process, yet we are happy because we can contribute to our city’s event. Of course, we will dedicate our quality and creativity to this great project. Although on the other side, we are also working for other brilliant projects, that we cannot announce it yet. Keep Reading →
Finally! Today, at December 13rd 2011 13:12:11 (it means 13-12-11 13:12:11 in Indonesia date format), we proudly announce that our website is ready to be accessed by public. After several weeks in development phase, hardly but happily working together at our small office, we have done our best. It is not easy, yet not too hard, but our commitment was tested during the development. Why? Currently we have a lot of projects to do, with compact time constrains for each project. We were working in parallel, to exceed all of the targets. Of course, we always do our best for everyone. We will never betray our clients’ trust that is given to us. Keep Reading →

Our beta logo

After several months developing our official website, finally we have reached our beta phase today. It’s not really perfect yet, but we have been giving our best effort to our peaceful home. We want you to know that we always do creative yet usable things, just like our website. Before launching this website soon, we really need your help to contribute on testing phase. Please be free to check this website out from your place. Ask us if you need some helps, tell us if you found any bugs, complain to us if you cannot easily going through this website. Keep Reading →